Liberty City Mounted Police


Officer Rules:

1. Vehicles permitted to drive for each position:

 F.B.I. All vehicles
 E.S.U. Buffalo, Ambulance, In-game cruiser, unmarked with permission
 Highway Patrol In-game cruiser

 2. Do not break traffic laws as this can get you suspended for some time if offending this rule many times.

3. Permitted weaponry for each class:

 F.B.I. Any, except RPG's,Grenades
 E.S.U Pistol, shotgun, AK, SMG, Sniper
 Highway Patrol

 Pistol, knife,Shotgun(if SGT. or higher) 

 4. Listen to your high-ups as dis-obeying dispatch and your higher-ups can get you suspended for some time.

Civilian Rules:

1) ALL emergency vehicles are off limits to crooks, this includes going to a police station and exploding/damaging the vehicles, this includes helicopters.

2) No "fast" cars, the maximum would be a sultan (not RS.)

3) No explosives PERIOD, unless if you have already contacted me or another admin and ask if you can use it for a role-playing type situation.

4) No boats, etc.

5) No leaving the island being played on.

6) There Must be a 10 minute interval before you can do another high scale situation(10-53 for example).

7) When in a pursuit DRIVE REALISTICALLY!  This means you aren't slamming into everything and not always going full throttle.  As crashing hard means you need to stop and the pursuit is over!

8) Allow yourself to get arrested a few times, don't make the cops just kill you because that it unrealistic.

9) Civilians/crooks MAY NOT return back to the scene after they have been killed during the current role-play situation. 

10) You are not to impersonate any type of law enforcement .

11) Think about what the other civilians are doing and if they are already in a pursuit, so try and maintain yourself and maybe just do something small because chances are the police team is already tied up. 

Rules for All Members: 

1) All real-life traffic rules apply, you may take a right on red.

2) Play realistically AT ALL TIMES.

3) No RPG's.

4) Respect members of the clan.

5) Follow the rules and play realistically and there won't be a problem. 

6) A headset is mandatory. 

7) When you die, you start a new life, so you don't know any etc..

8) No metagaming.

What is metagaming you ask?  Well metgagaming is using OOC (Out of charter, so you know now something in character but your person doesn't) and using that information IC. The secret message is magic.  An example would be seeing someone's gamertag flash when they are driving by.

10) No chatting unless if necessary. 

11) Drivers are not allowed to shoot out the window of a vehicle.  

What does Role-Playing Really Mean? 

1. It means to have realistic situations.

2. Do not create anything that wouldn't happen in real life.

3. No death-matching (have a reason to kill someone)

4. Examples of real situations would be:

-Car accident



-A shooting