Liberty City Mounted Police

Patrol/Highway Patrol

The Patrol/Highway patrol makes up the main force of the LCMP.  They respond to all types of calls and issue traffic stops and hand out tickets on a daily bases.  Highway Patrol officers are expected to be in marked vehicles at all times unless stated otherwise.  The Highway Patrol force helps the SWAT and F.B.I. section greatly in the clan with information on events going on around in the city.

Requirements: Complete training and the 1 hour ride along process.

E.S.U(Emergency Service Unit)

The E.S.U team's primary goal is to combat criminals who have drawn a gun and are armed on scene.  The E.S.U team will be dispatched to the area and will be heavily armed with a Carbine Rifle, Grenades, and a Sniper for maximum defense.  E.S.U members you will often seen driving more heavy duty vehicles such as the Ambulance, Fire Truck, Clavacade FXT and more durable vehicles that the Sheriff's or Highway Patrol officers.  E.S.U members still have the ability to patrol regularly but you will rarely find them in a marked cruiser.  Before joining the E.S.U team members will usually be tested with their quick response to scenes, accuracy with weapons and teamwork. 

Requirements: Check forums


This is the best of the best.  F.B.I. agents will be expected to be able to respond to ALL types of situations, such as armed robbery's, stolen vehicles, traffic stops, disturbances you name it.  F.B.I. agents will usually be in a undercover vehicle as these agents could be waiting just around the corner to watch you drive through that red light or watch you gun it down the highway at 100mph.  You won't know they're there until they are right behind you.  F.B.I. agents are usually armed with heavy duty weapons such as the, SMG, Pistol, Carbine Rifle and Grenades.  It will be very limited to who can become an agent and who can't be.

Requirements: Check forums